Stand BL/STD

Article Index: 172

Universal design

  • Sturdy support

  • U-shaped form

  • dual storage

approx. 670 x 610 x 870 mm
approx. 5,0 kg

Suitable for the storage and the leading of two channel inflow covering systems of the Blobel program BL/KMS, BL/KEG and BL/KSP; square/rectangular and round design with a distance of 480 mm between mounting eyelets.

The double stand features a U-shaped, curved steel pipe. For the attainment of a sturdy support, two pipes are welded transversely to one side of the U-shape. Located on the opposite side are four receiving hooks for the channel inflow covers. The covers can be removed by hand or by means of Transport Cart BL/TKN and taken safely to the location where they will be implemented.

The design of the carrier consists of normal steel, primed, painted or powder-coated, generally with a red finish ("traffic red" RAL 3020).

Upon request, the stand can be galvanized or provided in a superior-alloy steel design.