Floods are becoming more commonAre you prepared?

Floods are becoming more common

Are you prepared?

With the growing number of extreme weather conditions, companies and individuals are experiencing increasing costs associated with flood damage.  These costs are realized through both the physical property damage caused by the flood waters and the costs associated with the recovery and post-flood return to business.  NOAA estimated the cost impact of Hurricane Ian in 2022 at over $112 billion.

Flood damage costs are very high, although most companies continue to invest very little in flood damage prevention.  Companies will carry flood insurance but do not realize the limits on what is actually covered in the event of flood damages, disruption and recovery. 

BLOBEL Flood Barrier

Flood Damage Prevention

Flood damage prevention costs are low compared to the high costs of flood damages. The best way to reduce this risk is to be prepared and protected against a flood disaster. Flood damage prevention is best implemented prior to the actual forecast for severe weather. 

BLOBEL provides solutions!

With over 30 years in the spill and flood barrier business, BLOBEL has been providing affordable, reliable and tested solutions around the world.  Our flood barriers are adaptable for all your protection needs. BLOBEL Flood Barrier Systems provide:

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Simple and reliable operation

  • Designs to meet your needs

BLOBEL Flood Barrier

Flood Protection does not have to be costly

The GSB-H flood barrier provides fast, reliable and affordable flood protection.  Installation is simple with vertical u-posts bolted on the sides of the opening and then then lightweight aluminum planks slide between the u-posts when needed.   With short and moderate rain, it is often enough to insert a single plank.  For long, heavy rain or flooding, additional planks are simply added to increase the barrier height as needed.

The barrier u-posts are easily installed to existing buildings with no masonry work required.  The system is designed with the flexibility to be installed either in front of openings or within openings.  

Flood Barrier GSB-H

Single Door Barrier (GSB-H)

The barrier provides simple application for man-doors and overhead doors

Flood Barrier GSB-H

Stackable Wall of Barriers (GSB-H) 

System allows for mobile u-post installation & creation of continuous wall barriers

Flexible Mounting Options GSB-H
Flexible Mounting Options (GSB-H)

U-posts can be mounted in front of openings or within the openings

Barrier Designs to meet your needs

BLOBEL offers a full range of flood barrier systems that include mobile barrier systems, flood water doors and automatic self-closing flood barriers.  BLOBEL can assess your requirements and help determine the optimal flood barrier solution for your needs.  

Semi Auto Flood Barrier GSB-FG-H

Automatic Self-closing Barrier (GSB-FG-H)

The Self-Closing barrier mounts in the floor and automatically closes when flood water fills the sump. Operation is simple and reliable and requires no power.

Hinged Flood Barrier BL-HHS

Hinged Flood Doors   (BL/HHS)

The hinged door is easily closed and locks through a 3-point lever.  The flood door is designed for new buildings and can be retrofitted to existing buildings.

Affordable and Reliable Flood BarriersAffordable - Reliable - Flexible - Fast