IFC-2704.2.2.3 (2009) Secondary containment for indoor storage areas shall be designed to contain a spill from the largest vessel plus the design flow volume of fire-protection water calculated to discharge from the fire-extinguishing system over the minimum required system design area or area of the room for a period of 20 minutes.

OSHA 1910.106 (e) (3) (iv) (a) Emergency drainage systems shall be provided to direct flammable or combustible liquid leakage and fire protection water to a safe location. This may require curbs, scuppers, or special drainage systems to control the spread of fire.

OSHA 1910.106 (d) (4) (I) Openings to other rooms or buildings shall be provided with non-combustible liquid-tight raised sills or ramps at least 4” in height.

NFPA-30 9.13.3 Curbs, scuppers, special drains, or other suitable means shall be provided to prevent the flow of liquids under emergency conditions into adjacent building areas.

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